IPS Testimonials

David T (Tenant)

Chris from IPS has been an exceptional example of customer service and a beacon of light for efficiency in Wellington. We were desperately looking for a place to rent and sent many enquires on properties in Wellington. Probably due to the high demand and low supplies, property companies can afford to become lax in serving the needs of the customer and more to convenience themselves. Thankfully, we met Chris and we were immediately wowed by his high work rate and responsiveness. He displays a genuine concern for the needs of the customer and constantly updates us on viewings and the progress of the application. After having a successful application, Chris continued to serve us (the tenants) and helped us settle in and is always on hand to answer our queries. From another lens, we can understand why owners love him too. He conducts thorough but reasonable apartment inspections throughout the year and even archives the photos on a CD for both the tenant and the owner for reference. When it was almost time to go, Chris had to open the apartment for viewings and always tried his best not to inconvenience us, giving us heads up on the dates and times in advanced so that we can plan around it. Chris is definitely up there with the big boys when managing properties. Compared to my experiences with other rental companies, Chris was miles ahead of the competition. Service was personable and customised. We have no issues recommending Chris to both tenants and owners alike after seeing how he operates. We would like to express our thanks again to Chris for making us feel welcome and serving us very well. Continue to uphold this high standard and I'm sure the company will grow in strength. Cheers!

John & Katherine McMillan (Owner)

As landlords we were unsure of how employing a professional property manager like IPS was going to benefit us. We felt that the cost would outweigh the benefits. However, we contacted IPS for a rent review of our rental property and were surprised to find that we were seriously underestimating the rental value of the property. It made financial sense to think again!

After comparing the services offered by IPS with other local property management companies, we signed up with IPS. Right from the start we were impressed with their property management, excellent communication and professionalism.

IPS quickly established a formal relationship with our long-term tenants and has managed an increase in rent without losing them.  Regular rent reviews have been put into place. With IPS managing all rental payments we no longer have to worry about whether our tenants are up to date with their rent.

As new landlords we had been surprised at how much time we had had to spend maintaining a rental property. With IPS undertaking maintenance of our property, the stress of overseeing or carrying out work ourselves has been removed. With IPS we are financially better off as previously, time spent maintaining the property ourselves, resulted in loss of earnings from our day jobs. We feel reassured that regular property inspections will ensure that the standard of the accommodation will be maintained.

We feel confident that by employing the services of IPS our rental property will be a far greater investment for us than it was when we were managing it ourselves.

Olivia Currie (Owner)

Chris has looked after my one bedroom property in Wellington Central for over 3 years now. He puts 101% into everything he does, no matter how big or small. What I appreciate the most, is the communication and the professionalism he maintains despite the distance. In my view, he has excelled by 100% occupancy rates and attending to any maintenance needs of the tenants. He knows the rental market well, and pitches his rates and rent fairly. I really cannot recall how Chris and I crossed paths, but he is sure a gem found!

Michelle Reid (Owner)

I am writing to thank you for the excellent job you did in managing the short-term rental of our furnished residence at Newlands.

Prior to our meeting I did have some reservation in renting our newly renovated home to a stranger. However your organised approach and excellent communication skills immediately gave me the confidence to go ahead and engage IPS Property Management.

Your brief to find a suitable tenant, for an eight-week rental with a fixed exit date, was not easy. But you rose to the challenge, finding the perfect tenants who looked after our place beautifully, leaving it scrupulously clean from top to bottom for our return.

our processes to protect your client’s property are first rate – from your lease contracts through to property inventory checks, pre and post occupation videos, prompt bank transfers and detailed statements.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your property management services to others because of your integrity and high degree of professionalism.

Brendon Ojala (Mortgage Broker)

I have known Chris for over 15 years, and he is the kind of man you want as your property manager.  Chris is in to the details, and does what he says he will do.  He has a good system and process so you know what you are going to get. Chris knows what is going on in the market –and so will ensure the properties he manages are getting the top rent. (As a property investor – I hate putting the rents up on my tenants and so my properties are often under rented. Chris will ensure this isn’t the case on any of the properties which he manages).Chris hates having properties sitting empty (his or his clients) – even for a week, he does everything in his power to ensure vacancy rates are at an absolute minimum.

As a mortgage broker, I have referred many of my clients to him over the years and all have raved about him. If you are sick of managing your own properties but nervous about handing them over – don’t be, just give them to Chris!

Emma-Jane Baker (Tenant)

I met Chris in April 2008 when I suddenly returned to New Zealand, and had to find a flat 3 days before I started work in Wellington. Chris made the whole process really easy and the move went very smoothly, making a stressful time so much easier. This simplicity and ease continued throughout my tenancy.

Chris has an amazing technical knowledge of all things related to the home, from plumbing to electrical to roofing. Nothing was ever an issue; he was always pleasant to deal with and prompt to respond. I highly recommend Chris and IPS Property Management.

Tio Leota (Former Tenant)

I’ve known Chris Wheatley for a few years as our previous landlord; He was very reliable in terms of maintaining his property. Informing us if there were any problems, he would attend to it as soon as possible and as always the situation was dealt with efficiently at an appropriate time As renters we were very thankful for his time and generosity and also fortunate to have a Landlord with many trade skills.

Keith Lee (Current Tenant)

Charles and I thought that Chris was very up front and straight forward. We appreciated communication like this which left us with no unanswered questions. We found him easy to deal with and he made the whole process of moving into a new flat, very smooth. Chris was prompt to respond to us and did what he said he would do, contacting the right people when we found a problem with the carpet which we had missed on the initial flat inspection.

Caring for your property as if it were our own